Alpacas-new-home-010Alpacas like Llamas are related to camels and have been domesticated for thousands of years in South America. There are two breed types, huacaya and suri. Our alpacas are huacayas.

Alpaca fiber is a hollow-core fiber. Garments made with alpaca yarn make you feel warmer when you need to be warm, but breathes when you need to be cool. While similar to sheep wool, alpaca yarn is not prickly and has no lanolin, which makes it odor-free and hypoallergenic.

Formerly, clothes made from alpaca fleece was restricted for use by royalty only. Now everyone can enjoy the soft and comfortable feel of garments made from alpaca.

Recently I read  in an German knitting book from 1985 the following:

“…..alpaca yarn is soft, silky and durable—but hardly warms”

Well, almost 30 years later we know better. Alpaca yarn is a soft, luxurious yarn spun from the fleece of an alpaca. It is a strong yarn with excellent thermal properties and valued highly for its silky feel, softness and warmth.

We raise a small flock of alpacas located on our farm on High Prairie near the Columbia River Gorge. Alpacas are well adapted to the relatively warm, dry summers and the cool, snowy winters of southwest Washington state. In early summer we shear the alpacas and send the cleaned fleece to be spun into yarn.

Our alpaca yarn comes in four colors: white, light fawn, fawn and brown. Our Shop features yarn (if available) and knitwear in these natural colors.

p3744I love knitting with alpaca yarn for its smooth buttery soft feel and how it slides through my fingers.

You don’t know how to knit? No problem. I can give you some instructions when you purchase my yarn.

If you need special gift for a birthday, Christmas or an anniversary browse the ready-made knitwear in our Shop. Or browse through my Portfolio. Items seen there can be custom ordered.

If you want to learn more about alpacas and knitting please call or send me an e-mail to make arrangements to come and see our friendly alpacas. Don’t be afraid, unlike llamas they don’t spit at people.